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Since August 2009, CJA has operated a Supervised Release Program for nonviolent felony defendants in Queens who meet strict criteria. This program serves to release eligible defendants who would otherwise be held in jail on bail, require ongoing face-to-face and telephone contact during the pendency of the case, and offer referrals for substance abuse and mental health services for those assessed in need who are willing to accept them.

Recent Reports

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Research Brief No. 42: Reducing Unnecessary Pretrial Detention: CJA's Manhattan Supervised Release Program

Freda F. Solomon, Ph.D., Russell F. Ferri, Ph.D. (2017)
CJA Annual Report

Annual Report 2015


Annual Report on the Adult Court Case Processing of Juvenile Offenders in New York City, January through December 2015

Marian J. Gewirtz (2016)

Research Brief No. 41: Post-Disposition Re-Arrests of Juvenile Offenders

Marian J. Gewirtz (2016)