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Peter Kiers to Testify at City Council Hearing

Posted on Jan 13, 2017

Peter Kiers, Acting Executive Director of the New York City Criminal Justice Agency, will testify on Tuesday, January 17, at a City Council hearing to consider a bill written by Council Member Rory Lancman, chair of the committee on Courts and Legal Services.  The proposed legislation would require that defendants be evaluated to determine the amount of bail a defendant has the capacity to post, and to provide the defense attorney with that information prior to bail setting at arraignment.  The recommendation of bail amounts would constitute a major departure from past practice.  The bill's author and chief sponsor, Mr. Lancman, has cited CJA research showing that low-level offenders sometimes spend long periods of time in pretrial detention for lack of the resources to pay even small bail amounts.  The hearing, which is open to the public, will doubtless inspire lively discussion regarding the best approach to reducing the numbers of pretrial defendants held at Rikers Island and other DOC facilities because they cannot afford bail.

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