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New Pretrial Associates Join CJA

Posted on Dec 1, 2016

On November 21st, fifteen new Pretrial Associate trainees successfully completed and graduated from CJA’s two-week orientation and training course.  Those graduates are Erika Astudillo, Jasmine Andolora, Jefferson Carrera, Jessica Jimenez, Jessica Tinjaca, Leslie Fernandez, Philane Batista, Priscilla Perez, Yanelky Ventura (Queens), Alessandra Campana, Tamara Syalak (Brooklyn), Christopher Lisboa, George Sacaquirin, Glenda Velez-Toro, and Mason Figueroa (Manhattan). 

During the training, new Associates are introduced to the Agency’s mission of reducing unnecessary pretrial detention, the history of pretrial services in this country, and national pretrial standards and codes of ethics.  Associates learn how to conduct pre-arraignment interviews using CJA’s validated risk-assessment instrument, verify defendant information, collect and record criminal history data, and determine the appropriate release recommendation for the court.  They also learn about other CJA programs, such as notification efforts to remind defendants by telephone or letter about upcoming court dates, the Queens Supervised Release program, the Bail Expediting program for defendants with low bails, and the Failure-To-Appear Unit, which encourages defendants who missed court dates to return voluntarily. 

These Associates will continue their training on the job under the mentoring of their borough managers and supervisors.  CJA would like to welcome all of them to the Agency and wish them much success.

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